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What's better, static or mobile caravans?

Asked by Golden Leas Holiday Park Limited 2 years ago caravans

James D. Maldonado
It really depends on what type of holiday you're looking for. I've tried both static and mobile caravans in my time and whilst both are enjoyable, I prefer static caravans.

For mobile caravans, the pros include:

- Flexibility
With a mobile caravan, you can go where you want, when you want. This is an advantage if you want to travel freely and not be tied to one location year after year.

- Cost
In some cases, mobile caravans are cheaper than static caravans which are good for anyone on a budget.

For static caravans, the pros include:

-  Community
The great thing about static caravan parks is the community feel that they have. They're great places to meet other families and make long-term connections

- Luxury
Static caravans are often more luxurious than mobile caravans and they have more space. I recently went on the hunt for residential park homes for sale in Kent and some of the ones I viewed were nicer than my actual house.

by James D. Maldon...  2 years ago

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What's better, static or mobile caravans?

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